Nurturing you through pregnancy, birth & new motherhood

Bringing back the village

Sacred pregnancy, birth & new motherhood support on the Coast Coast & worldwide

Do you worry about:

Preparing for labour & birth?

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or isolated with your new baby?

How you will get the support you need if you live away from family and friends?

Would you like to feel supported, relaxed & confident as a new mama?

Pregnancy and birth aren’t just about making babies, they’re about making mamas too!

When a baby is born, so is a mother and the transition into this new role takes the support of a village.

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Briony and I’m the support that every pregnant woman and new mama deserves to have.



Your journey through pregnancy and birth is a truly transformational and sometimes overwhelming time. Often mamas-to-be can be so focused on this stage, that they forget to think about life afterwards, the postpartum period and transition into motherhood!​

Most of us have limited knowledge of the changes that occur during pregnancy (apart from a growing baby), not to mention how to prepare ourselves for labour and birth. Where are those wise village women when we need them to help gently guide us and help us find our confidence along this journey?

After the birth of my first child, I felt completely overwhelmed. I had breastfeeding challenges and a very unsettled baby. I lacked confidence in my own abilities as a new mama and I ended up suffering from post-natal depression.It wasn’t until I found some amazing support that I began to find my feet in my new role.

I also found new challenges surfaced each time I became a ‘new mother’ again. Learning to juggle the needs of 2 and then 3 little people wasn’t easy and each new baby brought different needs, both for myself and my family.

I’ve learnt a lot since then on my journey through motherhood. My own experiences have guided me to what I do now, supporting other mamas, just like YOU! (I’ve also completed a lot of training too, you can view all of my qualifications here).

Thank you Briony for supporting me beyond words, and in so many ways throughout this first year of motherhood. You have given me roots and wings to continue this motherhood adventure with confidence and grace.

Michelle, Mama of Aneira & Azalea

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