Private Birth Preparation Workshop


Helping to prepare you and your partner feel confident for labour and birth.



I am passionate about supporting couples in having a positive birth experience. My Private Birth Preparation Workshop helps both you and your partner feel informed, confident and prepared for your labour and birth. It also teaches your partner/support person practical ways to assist you during your labour and birth.

Women benefit greatly in birth when they can trust their inner wisdom and with a partner and/or support team who support and encourage her to work with her body.

This workshop complements hospital classes and is also a great refresher course for parents.

WORKSHOP CONTENT (can be tailored to meet your individual needs):

  • Breathing and relaxation skills
  • Basic acupressure points to assist with pain, nausea and contractions
  • Natural pain management techniques such as heat, water, massage, breath, movement
  • Active birth positioning for comfort, including the benefits
  • What to expect at different stages of labour and how your partner can best offer support
  • Why and how to create a birth plan
  • The fear-pain-tension cycle and its affects on labour

Duration: 2-2.5hrs

​This is a fun and interactive workshop and an information pack is provided for future reference.


“Thank you for everything that you taught us in the birth workshop. Dave was feeling so much more confident afterwards and he was such a great support to me during my labour and birth. You were right about the hip squeeze, it was amazing! Evie arrived peacefully into water and we are both just completely in love with her. So thanks again”. Michelle & Dave



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