Pregnancy Wellness Package


Would you like a harmonious and balanced pregnancy?

Would you like to feel supported and prepared for your labour & birth?

Would you like to be nourished and nurtured?



During pregnancy, women benefit greatly with guidance from someone that understands the changes that happen emotionally and physically during pregnancy, birth and new motherhood.

This package helps to support your wellbeing during your pregnancy and prepare you for your labour and birth.


A personalised program will be designed just for you and may include any of the following:

  • Full assessment of your diet, digestion, lifestyle, emotions, relationships. Identifying of any imbalances in your constitution/dosha.
  • Ayurvedic nutrition and wellness recommendations based on the outcomes of your intitial assessment.
  • Yoga practice recommendations
  • Meditation & mindfulness techniques
  • Essential oils for emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Support to prepare for labour & birth. This may include identifying/discussion surrounding any fears or anxieties.
  • Counselling
  • Massage

Duration: 3 x 1 hr consultations

Each consultation will focus on bringing your mind and body into a state of balance. You will be able to share any thoughts or feelings you are having in a safe and supportive environment, with a pregnancy and postpartum specialist, someone that understands!

Consultations are available both in-person, or via Skype.

Health fund receipts are available, depending on fund and cover.

“Briony’s one-on-one support during my pregnancy helped me to feel healthy, relaxed and ready to give birth to my son. I first went along to see her because I was feeling tired and my digestion was awful. I was also quite fearful about the idea of giving birth. The simple changes Briony helped me make to the foods I was eating made a HUGE difference, not only to my digestion, but to my energy levels too. We also spent time working through my fears surrounding birth and putting together some strategies for me to use at home and in labour. I’m so thankful for Briony’s support.” Sarah, Mum to Ky



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