Fourth Trimester Workshop: preparing for new motherhood


Would you like to learn how you can feel relaxed, nourished and cared for as a new Mum?

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This workshop is perfect for you if you’re interested in having the most peaceful and loving first few months with your new baby. The workshop is equally great for first time, or experienced parents.

Birth isn’t just about making babies, it’s about making Mums too. Your journey through pregnancy and birth is such a special time, but often we are so focused on these big events, that we forget to think about life afterwards, the transition into new motherhood!

A lot of new Mums tell me they feel:

  • overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice they receive on new motherhood
  • stressed because they don’t have the support they need
  • pressure to get back into ‘normal’ life soon after having a baby
  • lonely and disconnected, without connections with other mamas

In this workshop we will discuss:

  • What you can do to feel calm, loved and nourished as a new mama
  • How to avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued after your baby is born
  • The importance of the ‘fourth trimester’ and how being looked after will benefit the wellbeing of your whole family
  • How you can connect with your intuition, bond with your baby and be the mama you want to be with confidence

Date: Next workshop February 2018. For upcoming workshop dates and details, please click on the button above.

​This workshop is ideal for both parent’s-to-be to attend.

“Thankyou so much for having us at your talk yesterday, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was great to talk about our fears, realise them and put plans in place. It has opened up a wonderful discussion between us that is building for our relationship and bonding on our journey through new parenthood. 

 We so look forward to the arrival of our new little one and last night helped us feel like we can be prepared.

 I personally enjoyed the ayurvedic incorporations and learning about the role my ‘baby brain’ is playing. It helps me have a deeper understanding and appreciation in the wonder that pregnancy and motherhood brings and is helping me elievate fears and instead be excited by the process.

Thankyou again, Your knowledge and kindness is appreciated”. – Leigh and Amy

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​Wednesday 15th March, 7-8:30pm


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