Essential Oils for Babies & Mamas Workshop


Join me to explore natural methods to support a healthy baby and new motherhood with essential oils.

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At this Essential Oils Workshop, we will discuss ways to naturally support you and your baby in new motherhood using essential oils.

Learn how to make natural, homemade baby wipes, nappy cream and create your own essential oil oller bottle blend for yourself, or your baby to take home.

We’ll also discuss some postpartum issues and how essential oils can help you heal and help your baby, too.

Find out about the safe use and dilution of essential oils for babies and young children.

Some of the uses for essential oils:

  • Children – Calm emotions, supports restful sleep, boosts immune function, fights colds, infections & viruses naturally, heals skin conditions, natural first aid & improves digestion.
  • Mamas – Relaxes your body and soothe sore muscles, balances hormones & stress, alleviates pain & headaches, reduces stretch marks, calms your emotions and help you sleep. 
  • Family – eliminate the use of toxic substances used around the home by replacing them with effective, natural essential oil based products.

About Me: I’m a Mama of 3, Doula, Yoga Teacher & Nutritionist. I’ve been using essential oils for over 9 years to support all stages of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Workshop fee is $30, and includes morning tea and an essential oils roller bottle blend to take home.

When: Thursday 15th March
Where: Manic Organics Wholefoods Woonona, NSW
Time: 10am-11am


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