Nurturing you through pregnancy & new motherhood

Bringing back the village

Pregnancy & new motherhood support services in the Illawarra region

Do you worry about:

How you will cope as a new Mama?
Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted?
How you will get the support you need if you live away from family and friends?

Would you like to feel supported, relaxed & confident as a new mama?

Pregnancy and birth aren’t just about making babies, they’re about making Mamas too! When a baby is born, so is a Mother and the transition into this new role takes the support of a village.

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Briony and I’m the Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Specialist that every new Mama deserves to have.

Your journey through pregnancy and birth is such a special time, but often we are so focused on these big events, that we forget to think about life afterwards, the transition into new motherhood!​

After the birth of my first child, I felt completely overwhelmed. I had breastfeeding challenges and a very unsettled baby. I lacked confidence in my own abilities as a new Mama and I ended up suffering from post-natal depression.It wasn’t until I found some amazing support that I began to find my feet in my new role.

I also found new challenges surfaced each time I became a ‘new mother’ again. Learning to juggle the needs of 2 and then 3 little people wasn’t easy and each new baby brought different needs, both for myself and my family.

I’ve learnt a lot since then on my journey through motherhood. My own experiences have guided me to what I do now, supporting other Mamas, just like YOU! (I’ve also completed a lot of training too, you can view all of my qualifications here).

Thank you so very much Briony for your care during my post-natal period. Your visits to help me through the early weeks of new motherhood made such a difference. Thank you for all of the cups of tea, hours of listening and the divine massages. The help you gave made me feel confident in myself as a new Mum. Both James and I are so appreciative of the delicious meals you cooked for us too! I will definitely be recommending your services to all of my pregnant friends.

Sally , James & Riley

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